What a world we are living in

In this world of robotic cycle of scrolling mindlessly through picture sites and 140 characters-short message. Who ever reads a lengthy, painfully-written, anguish-ridden post?

I live in a world where so many pretentious wannabes are rising up through the society with their repetitive (and re-paraphrased words), non-contextual ads and ~obviously~ proud labels of being ‘social influencer’.

Claiming to be ‘athletes’ for their hobby for SOMETHING that is fitness-related, advertising themselves as ‘extreme sports enthusiasts’ for their once-or-twice experience with bungee jumping. I wonder, really, what has the world come to that everyone needs┬áto be the exaggerated version of themselves?

Growing up with such unsightly people rising up the ranks with their pubescent good looks and seemingly good fashion taste – MIND YOU, they are all the same, just a multicoloured version of it. Just look it up, any other fashion sites and you can pretty much find similar outfits that claims to be outrightly fashioned by these influencer. Oh wait, it’s just the good looks.

Media rising stars are terming themselves as role models to their followers when they do pretty un-model like behaviour online? Dissing people publicly, claiming its “all games and for the entertainment purposes”? Don’t be daft, its a plain and a straight up dick move. Shall we say, poor kids, living in such negative, publicly-dissing world.

What a world we are living in.